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About Us

"Yoga Clinic"  (Canada and Europe) is an authorised alternative medical research center registered by "World Real Yoga Alliance", Bulgaria, Canadian Yoga association and Yoga Ministry of Canada is an alternative medical research center which offers a range of yoga practices to those who have been repeatedly exposed to inter-relational abuse and/or neglect.

These include practices for Complex PTSD, Developmental Trauma and varieties of somatic dissociation.

These sessions are suitable for those of you struggling with:

  • insomnia & fatigue

  • anxiety & restlessness

  • depression

  • dissociation

  • poor digestion & appetite

  • intrusive & distressing thoughts

  • self-harming, addictive &/or compulsive behaviors

  • feelings of failure, hopelessness, shame &/or guilt.

Rock Balancing




Herbal Treatment


The Yoga Clinic  aims to create disease free and healthy society. Spread the awareness of drugless therapy. We make the research on healing without any medicine support and helps to people to stay healthy for ever. We serve free of cost and also increase funds for survivals and homeless people. We strongly believe that serving people is service of God who create the human race on this earth.


To promote, propagate drugless system of nature cure & yoga among the common people.


Yoga Clinic with noble solutions to health care seekers through Preventive, Educative and Curative activities through the principles of holistic practice of medicine.

Alternative Medicine
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